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Titanium SDK

Appcelerator Studio

Titanium SDK supports cross-platform native application development leveraging JavaScript as the primary development language across all supported mobile operating systems and devices. Additionally, native APIs can be invoked directly from the Javascript code with Axway’s Hyperloop technology to handle any mobile operating system specific capabilities.

API Builder

Availability: Private Cloud/On-Premise, Managed Private Cloud

API Manager provides a comprehensive governance layer to secure and manage the lifecycle of APIs and the apps that access them. The web user interface enables securing APIs with built-in policies. Policy Studio provides the ability to create custom policies graphically using a library of over 200 filters.

Appcelerator Dashboard

Appcelerator Dashboard is an integrated web application with user interface to manage all aspects of your Appcelerator Services development. It allows you to manage all mobile apps in your organization, including native cross-platform Titanium apps, as well as iOS, Android, Windows, and Node.js. The dashboard enables users to create, deliver, analyze, and manage your mobile apps.

Mobile Analytics

Best-in-class integrated Mobile Analytics track your cross-platform mobile applications at both the macro and micro level — providing deep insight into app adoption and usage, and detailed information about the impacts of testing and the direct relationship to crashes and performance. A lifecycle dashboard provides a comprehensive real-time view of the end-to-end mobile lifecycle, from development through production.


A unified development environment based on the Eclipse platform that allows developers to quickly build, manage and package mobile applications. Integrated development environment (IDE) for Titanium SDK includes various components and additional tools such as Alloy MVC, editor with code completion, debugging, themes and other features. IDE was built specifically for mobile application development and includes App Designer for the visual layout of apps UI.

Appcelerator CLI

Appcelerator CLI is a set of command-line tools to develop and deploy mobile and cloud applications. It provides a unified interface for using the other Appcelerator command-line tools, such as the Titanium CLI, Alloy CLI, and API Runtime Services CLI.

Mobile Backend Services

Mobile Backend Services provide pre-built, scalable, cloud, mobile-specific backend services via REST APIs and data objects. These include location-based services, social media integration, geo-location, photos and media handling, and many more. Also available is the ability to send push notifications to Android and iOS apps, and software development kits (SDKs) for integration with Titanium, Android, iOS, and Node.js mobile apps.

Ricardo Zengin