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Axway AMPLIFY Integration Foundation



Axway B2Bi is an advanced B2B Integration solution for establishing connections and managing information flows between internal applications and the B2B community. Available on-premise, in the cloud or in a hybrid deployment. Let Axway experts manage and monitor your B2B solution.

Transfer CFT

A robust application-to-application Managed File Transfer (MFT) solution, Axway Transfer CFT securely moves and tracks files between disparate hardware and software platforms without application rewrites. It reduces the overall costs associated with managing data flow in critical, multi-site business processes.



Axway SecureTransport is a multi-protocol Managed File Transfer (MFT) gateway that provides the flexibility needed to perform secure high-volume automated file transfers. It empowers users to easily consume MFT services with APIs so they can create new innovative apps and deliver on emerging use cases.

Central Governance

Axway Central Governance manages the full lifecycle of end-to-end flow definitions for business application and infrastructure-level information. It drives business performance by centralizing data flow control and providing end-to-end visibility into the entire digital ecosystems that comprise customer experience networks.


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