Business Transformation


Business Transformation

Organizations across industries and geographies have made the case for Business Transformation, and must now execute on their strategies. Whether driven by the need to keep up with digital advances, the desire to protect business from new challengers, or simply wanting to change direction, big changes to operational models characterize Business Transformations, requiring totally new ways of creating value.


Translate strategy into action

Signavio Business Transformation Suite enables businesses to undertake the essential work to translate strategy into action, increasing the speed and success of Business Transformation programs. What got your organization to where you are is not likely to get you to where you need to go. Signavio Business Transformation Suite supports your journey to where you want to be.

Gain transparency and move towards the same goal

Key challenges to Business Transformation include:

  • Organizational silos leading to divergent priorities and goals, diluted effort, and resource waste from organizational resistance and duplication.
  • Inconsistent communication – talking at cross purposes, pulling in opposing directions, confusion and roadblocks
  • Inability to turn existing data sources into decision making sources

Signavio Business Transformation Suite enables organizations to resolve these strategic and operational challenges, by providing a powerful, modular, and transparent way to control and engage with every step of a business transformation, to bring the whole organization along on the journey. Transformation and momentum are created from action, doing, execution – and success from the right actions.

Create change and harness the benefits of Business Transformation

The Signavio Business Transformation Suite directly responds to the challenges of Business Transformation by:

  • Supporting process transparency and visibility by breaking down silos and encouraging knowledge sharing, collaboration, and engagement
  • Acting as a solid foundation for consistency, standardization, and harmonization of activities across the whole organization, so everyone moves as one
  • Creating agency and streamlining how work gets done by putting the power to automate work into the hands of the people who know it best
  • Utilizing the data your organization already produces to make effective decisions, simply and continuously

Signavio’s Business Transformation Suite resolves the core challenges of Business Transformation initiatives. More than just a Process Management tool, it has been carefully and thoughtfully designed to empower business leaders with the capabilities required to communicate effectively and deeply, to transparently monitor progress and mine for opportunities, and identify issues – before they become a problem.