Are you ready for our SaaS solution that will put you 100% on the digital business in weeks?



Are you ready for our SaaS solution that will put you 100% on the digital business in weeks?


In today’s business climate, time-to-market is essential for competitiveness. Companies must be fast, responsive and agile, yet they often depend on legacy infrastructure systems that are overly complex, difficult to modify and extend, slow to implement, and challenging to manage.

PERCEPTIVA API as a Service addresses these challenges with cloud-based solutions based on Axway AMPLIFY Products that are immediately available, ready to run, and integrate smoothly with your on-premise systems.

Subscription-based pricing lowers your upfront investment and time obligations, while comprehensive managed services allow you to outsource the complexity and headaches of managing hardware, platforms and applications. This lets you focus on your core strengths — rapidly delivering value to your partners and customers.

Running Axway Amplify technology in a multi-tenant environment, complemented with our expert services, we are able to offer a very competitive cost, with an isolated and protected space to manage all your company APIs lifecycle in the cloud with no administration.

PERCEPTIVA API as a Service is the ideal solution to:

  • Consolidate gateways, legacy systems, and outdated VAN connections, and integrate with on-premise applications to create a hybrid approach for communicating with your partners, suppliers and customers.

  • Update aging internal systems with more flexible, scalable and future-facing cloud technology.

  • Extend your existing applications with comprehensive integration functionality.

  • Scale your systems up or down to meet rapidly changing business requirements.

  • Assure security, reliability and performance with a unique combination of public cloud and shared infrastructure.

  • Create your Proof of Concept and validate your strategy with your customer experience network and then migrate to an on-premise solution if required.

  • Access to many out of the box connectors that solve the integration with world class players and with local service providers, required for many digital businesses.


We offer PERCEPTIVA API Service in different solution packages that fit different requirements:


Digital Transformation Cloud Services


Vertical Digital Business Cloud Enablers

  1. Note: Each connector has its own price that needs to be added to the indicated service price. Some of this service offered through our connectors requires an independent contract signed with the service provider.

  2. Note: This service requires set up services and custom integrations with your systems that needs to be sized for your business.


Advanced cloud capabilities

  • Rapid deployment — virtualized systems can be up and running in hours instead of weeks, dramatically reducing your time-to-value

  • Elastic scalability — systems can scale to increase capacity and meet growing demands without over-sizing your platform

  • Advanced disaster recovery — replicates systems across multiple zones and continually tests backup systems for readiness

Lower investment costs

  • Subscription-based pricing — reduce upfront investment and avoid capital expenditures or expanding your infrastructure

  • Predictable costs — PERCEPTIVA avoids hidden fees by deploying the right-size system for your needs, with no kilo-character overage charges

  • Reduced complexity and overhead — lowers your TCO and limits the need for specialized network skills


A complete set of services can be added to your monthly subscription.

PERCEPTIVA API as a Services go well beyond providing an online platform. Whether you want to outsource part or all of your business processes, PERCEPTIVA can provide all the services necessary to assure success, including:

  • System monitoring – PERCEPTIVA API as a Service systems are monitored around-the-clock by experienced cloud technicians, with proactive alerts to prevent service interruptions.

  • Mapping services –PERCEPTIVA’s API as a Service can build any type of map – from simple to highly complex – providing translation between protocols, validation, and integration with external systems.

  • Managed services – PERCEPTIVA’s highly trained specialists can manage your entire system, keeping your platform, partners and maps up-to-date, properly configured, and operating efficiently.


Third-party certifications include:

  • PCI DSS Level I

  • ISO 27001

  • SOC1 /SSAE 16/ISAE 3402

  • FIPS 140-2


Introduction to Axway AMPLIFY API Management

Axway AMPLIFY API Management is central to digital strategies. It supports the full digital value chain and combines API Lifecycle Management, Secure Integration Services and App Development.