Process Intelligence


Process Intelligence

With Signavio Process Intelligence, you can make better decisions faster. Analyzing your system processes allows you to see the gaps and variants between the intended business process and what you actually have. Of course, the faster you discover what you have, the faster you can apply the changes that will make a difference in your business.


Signavio Process Intelligence answers questions such as:

  • Why are my processes not working like they should?
  • How can I evaluate the vast amounts of data influencing my processes?
  • How can I make process improvements across the board?

Signavio Process Intelligence enables you to automatically mine process models from the different IT systems operating within your business (also known as the “application landscape.”) Continuous monitoring of end to end processes provides insight into potential risks and ongoing improvement opportunities. The powerful combination of process discovery, process analysis and conformance checking with a customizable ETL engine, all of which supports a collaborative approach to process improvement, will give you game-changing insights into your business.


Endless Potential with Signavio Process Intelligence

Signavio Process Intelligence allows you to:

  • Unearth the truth about your processes and make better decisions based on true evidence found in your organization’s IT systems
  • Conduct powerful fact-based analysis, leading to smarter business decisions and reducing the time taken to implement change that matters
  • Leverage conformance checking in order to ensure that standard practices are executed as intended, quickly identifying exceptions
  • Get a complete end-to-end perspective and understanding of exactly what is happening in your organization in a matter of weeks

As part of Signavio Business Transformation Suite, Signavio Process Intelligence integrates perfectly with Signavio Process Manager and is accessible from the Signavio Collaboration Hub. As an entirely cloud-based process mining solution, the tool makes it easy to collaborate with colleagues from all over the world and harness the wisdom of the crowd to generate more ideas, optimize processes and reduce resistance to change.


Features in Detail



The Signavio Process Intelligence collaboration tool allows you to create shareable dashboards from an extensive set of visualization possibilities. The collaborative interface then guides you through the process of understanding how a process should work, how it runs in reality, and why and where deviations occur.

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