Can we help your decision capacity by modeling, analyzing, and optimizing your processes?



Can we help your decision capacity by modeling, analyzing, and optimizing your processes?


Signavio Business Transformation Suite offers solutions for modeling, analyzing, and optimizing business processes, empowering organizations to make better decisions, faster.


Organizations across industries and geographies have made the case for Business Transformation, and must now execute on their strategies. Whether driven by the need to keep up with digital advances, the desire to protect business from new challengers, or simply wanting to change direction, big changes to operational models characterize Business Transformations, requiring totally new ways of creating value.

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Outstanding customer experience is no longer the exception, it’s the expectation from consumers. This means that to remain competitive in your market, you need to continuously manage organizational complexity, and actively identify and act upon opportunities for improvement. Operational Excellence requires a considered and intentional look at your business processes, followed by action.              

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The pace, complexity, and impact of change is affecting every vertical and organization, yet one thing remains constant - the need to proactively manage and mitigate risk and ensure compliance for your organization. Densely interconnected regulatory regimes coupled with more severe penalties are increasing the need to make Risk & Compliance management a critical part of operational and strategic decision making.

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Business Transformation Suite


Process Manager     

  • Model your business processes quickly and intuitively

  • Understand, define, and improve your business processes

  • Cut down on costs, risks, and unclear processes

Workflow Accelerator

  • Automate common or repetitive business processes

  • Set operational guidelines for maximum efficiency

  • Save time and money, while speeding up work and improving transparency

Process Intelligence

  • Investigate and analyze your own business data

  • Identify process anomalies and make changes in real-time

  • Increase profits, improve your product turnaround, increase customer satisfaction, and maintain regulatory compliance

Collaboration Hub  

  • Communicate and plan seamlessly with colleagues around the world

  • Create your ‘single source of truth’

  • Combine tasks for better focus and effectiveness, while making sure you are working with up-to-date data


Translating Strategy into Action

Transformation is not a one-off project, it is a continuous process of change. To ensure successful transformation across your organization, you need consistent execution and communication between all departments. Our Business Transformation Suite helps you capture, connect and communicate how and why work gets done, getting everyone in the organization on the same page.