Strategy Advisory



Are you satisfied with the value you get from your investment in technology?


Many companies need to take the time and be able to dedicate the effort to understand their current situation regarding information technologies and how they impact their business, and from this baseline, design and carry out a strategic plan that allows them to go from the existing situation and making use of new emerging technologies transform your company to improve thieir situation and / or enter the world of digital business.

The majority do not have time available in their daily operation to be able to make this effort and give an objective focus to the obtained result. PERCEPTIVA offers a packaged service that allows to carry out

this process within a limited period of time and using its own proven methodology for more than 10 years with several clients in Uruguay and the region. Supporting directories, managers and directors of companies to maximize the result obtained from investment in this area.

This "Strategy Advisory" service seeks to support the organization in taking control of its IT area and supporting its management through a gradual process, and then accompanying them in executing the designed strategy.


These works are carried out in phases that in many cases overlap each other and that seek to be first with the necessary information to generate the appropriate documentation.


Survey of all current costs related to IT and establishment of a budget according to the strategic plan that is prepared.

Analysis of existing equipment and contracted suppliers and determine the gaps in technical capabilities and specific problems or incompatibilities that do not achieve the desired objectives.

Incorporation or update  the capabilities of the company's own team and hiring, changes in hiring conditions or new hires to suppliers with the aim of having all the capabilities required to meet the objectives sought.


Documentation of all the components that make up the current production platform: hardware, basic software, applications, communications, contracts and supplier management, relationship with other internal areas of the company, etc. This will be done by recommending the execution of actions that can not be postponed to ensure that the company's operations will not be compromised in the process.

Stabilization, standardization and systematization of all processes, activities and controls that are carried out in management.

Documentation of development or other projects that are currently in execution.

Elaboration of the initiatives (through projects) that will integrate the strategic plan and that are destined to evolve the infrastructure, systems and services of the company

Guidelines and proof of concept (POC) to introduce technology directly related to the client's business development. This means that it can begin to provide services based on technology and does not require technology to improve or continue to adequately provide the services it provides today.