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API Management Virtual User Group

Stay Informed by Staying Connected!

As a valued API Management customer, Axway invites you to join us at upcoming virtual User Group sessions.  This is a great opportunity for you to connect with the Axway team and fellow customers to share ideas, consult on best practices and discover innovative approaches being used in the Axway community.  Please plan on joining us!

Topic: Best Practices for Container-based Deployment & Orchestration

 API Management v7.6.2 offers a Docker based deployment orchestrated by Kubernetes. It is called Externally Managed Topology (EMT). During this session, we will review some of the reasons for introducing EMT for API Management. We also will demo a new feature and implementation details of the Kubernetes based deployment.

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Natalia Mendez
Experience Design: API Portals foster engagement and innovation

API portals give APIs a home whether you’re only looking for internal users to reach them. Since APIs are the medium to build great experiences, the portal design, when set to inspire, models great experiences for those consuming them. Offering tangible shop windows and welcome signs to business users and anyone looking at your API to decide if its right for them encourages adoption. A welcome community, then is the key to a healthy and thriving API ecosystem, especially if you’re looking to attract platform adoption. We see this adoption shift enterprise software through the interaction of open source communities who not only monetized their inventions but also created a great place for technology to live.

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Ecosystems and hybrid integration

The theme of #BetterTogether holds strong with Axway this year. This was the theme behind this year’s internal kickoffs as well as our big IMAGINE SUMMIT customer events. This theme ties our organization together and embraces our customers, partners and staff for a greater potential than we can achieve alone. Further, this theme naturally aligns with and is behind the premise of a hybrid integration platform strategy. There are too many facets of #BetterTogether in talking hybrid integration platforms to fully unpack in this note; you can get cues in this blog post about hybrid integration platforms.

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How Open Source Is Democratizing Technology

Many of the software products that everyone uses are open source. The Linux operating system, the Apache Web server, and a large number of software development systems are all open-source software. Their being open source is one of the reasons they’re so widely used. They’re more stable, more accessible to public view, and more trusted than they would be as unpublished proprietary code.

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Get started with AMPLIFY Central – Register an API

Watch this video to learn how to register an API as an API proxy in AMPLIFY Central using the Star Wars API as an example. You’ll learn how to import a Swagger (OpenAPI) definition for an API, create an API proxy for the API, and deploy and test the proxy both in AMPLIFY Central and Postman.

This video is part of the Get started with AMPLIFY Central series. This series demonstrates the API management capabilities of AMPLIFY Central and is ideal for new users.

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DevSecOps: Building a Culture of Responsibility for Network Security

If nothing else, the recent hack of Equifax that compromised approximately 143 million American credit records is a signal that even our most trusted networks are vulnerable.

However, security breaches are almost always the result of an exploitation of a simple vulnerability. The best firewalls in the world can’t stand up to valid credentials. In fact, there is emerging evidence that perhaps the Equifax breach was the result of an easy-to-guess password.

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Learning From Your Process Mistakes

Too often, people - and businesses! - are unwilling to admit to a gap in knowledge, and much more likely to move forward blindly hoping that ignoring an issue will make it slowly disappear. But there is a better way! Read on to find out how you can use process mining to capture the value in your process mistakes, and turn those mistakes into strengths.

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