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Hybrid Integration and API Management: Two peas in a pod

Hybrid Integration and API Management

APIs function and act as a channel for Hybrid Integration. Moreover, these capabilities allow data to be made readily available to customers, partners, as well as other outside sources for utilization. Nevertheless, with API Management in place, you can secure your information, thus bringing about a better security barrier.

To illustrate, without API Management protecting this barrier, Hybrid Integration is lacking the necessary component for securing your APIs. Many examples can be cited for bad APIs and management, the list never ends. According to the Electronic Frontier Foundation article, from Google+ API bug to Facebook compromising your data, companies that get hacked or that are not protected leads to bad Hybrid Integration. Those two examples don’t even scratch the service of what can go wrong without proper security in place.

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The key to success

A successful API Management plan is necessary to ensure you have Hybrid Integration running at the most effective and optimum level. Therefore, with AMPLIFY API Management, you are able to “build, govern, secure, publish, promote and analyze” within the full spectrum.

As a result, as the implementation of Hybrid Integration increases for companies utilizing this technology, API Management becomes more prevalent. This provides responsive mechanisms and flexibility so that data can be controlled in a secure environment. Furthermore, Hybrid Integration is the main foundation for allowing your company to get on board with digital transformation. Hence, API Management simply takes this concept to the next level.