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Axway AMPLIFY Application Integration announcement

AMPLIFY Application Integration

Axway is pleased to announce the next major release of AMPLIFY platform and with that, the General Availability of Axway’s iPaaS solution – AMPLIFY Application Integration – to simplify building and deploying application integrations.

This new solution from Axway controls the blockers of traditional integration scenarios that developers and IT teams face each time a new application is added into business processes. While it excels at simplifying cloud integrations, it is not just limited to these scenarios but includes real-time data exchange between cloud-to-cloud, cloud-to-ground and ground to ground integrations.

AMPLIFY Application Integration simplifies the process of integrating applications through some key components including the following:

AMPLIFY Central – Self-service API management across multiple environments and clouds. Protect your APIs at the end and manage access by creating and deploying proxies for your internal services.

AMPLIFY Catalog – A central catalog for the discovery and reuse of integration services that include APIs, Microservices, Application integrations and traditional flows. This simplifies and speeds the process of building, integrating and deployment of new services and apps.

AMPLIFY Integration Builder – A robust catalog of 150+ pre-built cloud connectors across 17 different categories of service, accelerating integration projects by easily authenticating and orchestrating the most popular SaaS applications on the market. Additionally, you can create your own connectors to a normalized specification using a step-by-step connector builder so even custom integrations can be standardized and reused.

AMPLIFY API Builder – Build APIs and Microservices in an on-premise or private cloud containerized environment. Unleash enterprise data for mobile innovation with a wealth of mobile-optimized APIs, and the ability to easily create new ones.