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Don’t get disrupted! APIs and microservices are changing the way people think

Industry disruption

For starters, when you have an outdated model, another company will always come up with a better plan and disrupt your organization. A good example of this type of industry disruption is Blockbuster. Remember them? Blockbuster had its moment in the sun for a while until Netflix came along and put them out of business via APIs and microservices. This simple idea of having your DVDs delivered to you without leaving the comfort of your home has now become a streaming sensation for Netflix.

Sadly, by the time Blockbuster got with the program, it was too late. APIs and microservices that were on target worked to achieve this phenomenal disruption. At the end of the day, if your company is not keeping up to par with today’s technology, another company certainly will.

Changing the landscape

As Dan states, “APIs and microservices are at the heart of all that disruption.” Why is this happening? To begin with, APIs and microservices are changing the landscape of how we think.  In the old days before APIs and microservices, you didn’t have the fast-service capability that exists today. APIs and microservices have opened the flood gates to new opportunities for companies to disrupt their industries. Driving “convenience and experience,” as Dan says, is the real role of industry disruption. The best advice for APIs and microservices for companies is carpe diem—seizing the day. Getting left behind is no longer an option if you want to compete!