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Learning From Your Process Mistakes

Too often, people - and businesses! - are unwilling to admit to a gap in knowledge, and much more likely to move forward blindly hoping that ignoring an issue will make it slowly disappear. But there is a better way! Read on to find out how you can use process mining to capture the value in your process mistakes, and turn those mistakes into strengths.

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Why Positive Customer Experience is Vital to Business Success

A positive customer experience means more than excellent customer service. Think of it as examining your customers under a magnifying glass, making sure you focus on what your customers actually want and need, then working out the best way to provide it to them. Read on to discover more about how customer journey mapping can help, and how Signavio works to provide a positive customer experience for our own customers.

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Disruptive… Transformative… Next-Gen Automotive Industry Processes 2019

The automotive space in 2019 is one of the world's most innovative industries, as well as a critical ‘driver’ of the economy. Such is its significance that the economic ripple effects can dictate slumps and spark growth, whilst supporting a vast supply chain and generating a spectrum of business services. In fact, according to the heavyweight European Automobile Manufacturers Association, the automotive industry is the largest private investor in R&D in Europe, with almost €54 billion invested annually.

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Mining gold (processes): Practical experiences with process mining 2019

Are you thinking big enough? Understanding the benefits of process mining and transparency can revolutionize business by offering the information, visibility, and quantifiable numbers needed to improve processes. But how do we turbocharge our skill set, network, and understanding? Signavio hosted ‘Berlin Process Mining’ to share current industry experiences and insights, for 24-karat improvement…

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Humans and Robots not working in perfect harmony? RPA with Signavio

Many company-wide RPA (robotic process automation) deployments start small, perhaps put in place to help run a discrete project, or remove some of the more mundane repetitive activities that human staff are finding irksome in a single department.

The benefits usually become clear very rapidly and, often with the help of a newly-converted advocate of the technology, the organisation tries to spread RPA across the enterprise, hoping for the same transformation everywhere.

Many think of this as digital transformation (or a significant part of it), but in contrast to the claims made by some RPA suppliers, rapidly deploying cheap robots across the company doesn’t create cost savings and efficiency gains to the extent that is desired.

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It’s Not Over: The Disconnect Between OpEx and CX

OpEx is the link between your strategy and its execution—in both senses of the word. Assuming your strategy is sound, good OpEx will ensure that a good strategy is executed well and that every function of your organization is striving to achieve sustainable performance and growth. On the other hand, poor OpEx will kill your strategy, regardless of how good it is.

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Beware These Common BPM and Blockchain Fallacies

This post highlights three fallacies decision-makers should be aware of when assessing the impact blockchain technologies can have on their business processes. Being aware of these fallacies is crucial to avoid investing in blockchain-based solutions that do not deliver on their promises, but instead bloat your information system landscape, slow down your operations, and ultimately frustrate your customers and staff.

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Beyond ‘Business as Usual’: 4 Challenges to IT Convergence in 2019

Digitalization. Agility. Tech-driven. Just three strategy buzzwords that promise IT transformation but often fade out into superficial change. In fact, aligning business and IT still vexes many organizations, so it’s no surprise that our 2018 post on this hot topic was #1 with readers. But let’s supercharge operational excellence (OPEX) in 2019 and look beyond alignment towards convergence. After all, alignment assumes that business and technology are separate entities, when in fact they are inextricably linked! Discover the 4 challenges to IT convergence in 2019...

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HR for Robots: Building an RPA Workforce with Signavio

Every business is on the lookout for the technologies and tactics that will give them an advantage over the competition, and in 2019, we will see more and more companies turning to robotic process automation to get this vital edge. But if your organization hasn’t laid the right foundations, RPA can lead to unexpected difficulties. Read on to find out what you can do to prepare!

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